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My teaching experience spans over
eighteen years. I have taught students
from beginner level to post-grade 8,
from four year olds to senior citizens.

I believe that through performing,
one makes new discoveries, improves,
and enjoys the wonderful privilege of
being able to share one's creativity
with others. As music has the power to
nourish and makes a vivid impact at
social/community events, song-writers,
and performing musicians hold a vital
role in society and community. Music
education nurtures those who nurture
society and community.

Therefore, in teaching, I aim to enable
my students to:

● TAP into their creative potential.

● DEEPEN their perception and
appreciation of existing music
through listening, imaginative
exercises, technical work, theory
and musical knowledge.

● APPLY these experiences to create
their own music through
improvisation and composition,
and vice versa.

If students wish to take exams,
I help them to prepare for:

● ABRSM Practical exams G1-8+
● Trinity Practical exams G1-8+
● ABRSM Grade 5 Theory
● ABRSM Practical Musicianship G5

I am a proud member of:
The Curious Piano Teachers
and The ISM,
I relish the opportunity to undergo CPD.
I hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate.

I undertake volunteer work for the
charitable organisation:
The Stratford & East London Music Festival:

● Assistant to The Piano Convenor
● Publicity Team-Member
● Committee Member

I am active as an artist and my
experiences as a performer,
illustrator, animator, lyricist,
and song-writer/composer
inform my teaching practice.