by Daniel Lehan & Daniel Wallis
and many others

Brief: Design a printed resource
for people running art clubs
in and out of school.

Squid says:
"I was given a Word Doc of ideas
(the text content of the booklet)
plus several likely Chapter Headings.

Ideas for imagery came directly
from the materials referred to in
the text stimulus, and the idea
for a character which would
appear throughout the book
came directly from the title.
There was lot of scope for
imaginative interpretations
words and phrases."

Bow Arts
Chisenhale Gallery
Whitechapel Gallery
Tower Hamlets Consortium

Dimensions: A5 booklet

Download PDF:here

Watch on Youtube!
The authors recorded a
cover of a song by Sparks (!)
using the words from the
"Little Sparks" booklet.

Education, Children, Quirky, Fun

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