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Artist Self Publishers Fair

© 2017 SQUID

Dorothy Damage, International Nobody
+ The Mollusc Dimension provide portable
space(s) for spontaneous DIY creative
action. Participants choose an activity/
ies, and spend as long as they wish to
spend, from a minute, to longer. People
have: drawn stickers, made "magic eyes",
added to The Book of Monsters, made
paper masks, created sock-puppets with
us & more! We enjoy seeing the focus on
a creative task, & the satisfied feeling of
people being able to take the resulting
tangible customised object with them.

Artist Self Publishers Fair, The ICA, London
Make a Sock Puppet Musician!
DIY Cultures, Rich Mix, London
Watch the interview!
"Sticker Station" by Amelie.
DIY Tshirt screen-printing
with International Nobody
& DRB @ Test Space
Camden, London
Monster drawing, sticker-
designing, cupcakes & zines
@ The Queer Fayre, The RVT,
Zine-sters taking a look
at our zines @ The Alternative
Press Fair, The Bishopsgate
Institute, London
"My First Time" - Revelations
at queer night, Garconne.
People were asked to share
a "first time" memory by
writing on speech bubbles.

A fascinating range appeared:
people wrote about attraction,
love, friendship, personal
journeys, rites of passage,
performing on stage, swimming,
life mottoes, rage, affection,
fantastical, humourous & more!

Some even cut out their
shapes to match the story.

Sabrina Chap
played that night!

The Bussey Building,
Window Art Extravaganza!
& Subtle/Not Subtle
Message Cards.

We like to offer a choice
creative springboards,
e.g. the window art
could be said to be more
"extrovert", & arguably
required outgoing natures
while writing or drawing
message on the more
conservative (?) medium
of prompt paper cards
had perhaps a more
intimate feel as involved
less scrutiny during the
It was fascinating to see
what people drew & wrote,
some of it was highly
personal & poignant, others
set out to entertain.

Traumfrau, Pride Party
The Phoenix Art Gallery,
Queer Zine Fest,
The Rag Factory, London
DIY Cultures, Rich Mix,
The "Mask-Making Cafe" idea came
about because by the time we applied,
the WL had run out of table space
but they offered us a stainless steel
food counter! So, we displayed craft
materials as if they were food items
at a deli. Participants selected ingre-
dients & decorated paper masks.
One person was actually going to a
masked ball that evening! People of
all ages enjoyed doodling on our giant
scribble pad. It was great to provide
an interactive dimension at an event
celebrating DIY feminist creativity &
Womens Library, Brick Lane, London
Our friends Lilies on Mars invited us
to join them at a gig and provide
the opportunity for creative chaos.
Participants drew stickers, made
"alien"/space themed masks and
some became enamoured of glue
and wool.

Lilies on Mars, Buffalo Bar,
On a journey to discover women
warriors & powerful women
characters, IMU gave a brief shared
on findings about several "Wild
Woman" figures in different cultures
led a group incantation (with the
intention of invoking a feeling
of autonomy, assertiveness
resourcefulness & creativity.
Participants then customised
paper masks with emblems
which might symbolise
meaningful items in their lives,
or explored materials freely.

Womens Autonomous
Nuisance Cafe, The
Boys Club, London
Our very first zine stall.
We invited participants to
create monster characters
& make their own monster

London Zine Symposium,
The Rag Factory, London