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Animated trailer for Little Apple Dolls
Series 6 Launch. Commissioned and
directed by Ufuoma Urie. Animation
and music by Angelus Squid Marr.

My Tender Touch Screen
Animated clip about a character's
relationship with their mobile phone,
used in a music video. Commissioned
by the artist Evan Ifekoya.
Video temporarily offline.


Title sequence in the style of an
children's "Art Attack" tv show,
this contains both familiar and
subversive elements. Commissioned
by Evan Ifekoya for their
performance exploring cultural
identity, autobiography
gender, sexuality, social media,
creativity and more..

A story about two characters obsessed
with their mobile devices/technology,
the artist Ivana Wong.

Anti-consumerist Christmas song
commissioned by the Santa Belles.

Animated clips inspired by 8-bit
graphics and games for this "updated"
version of a song about tax,
commissioned by gwEm and
Counter Reset.

Sweet/off-beat experimental
animated music video inspired
by the track.

Created for the Radar Music Music
Video competition, but sadly didn't
make it in time due to a technical
catastrophe.. ("The computer ate
my work!") It was however, screened
at 10 film festivals. The band Psapp
very kindly let me continue
showing it on youtube. :)

RECYCLE - Experimental Scribble
Animation (Flash so only viewable
on computer)

3 main sound events can be heard
during the clip: a thud, a gasp
and a smash.

These events represent: the event
of matter falling, a heightening
tension and a sense of shock, and
the explosive impact.

The 4th sound is the tail-end of
Brahm's Hungarian Dance no. 5.
performed by the artist and friend.
Experienced as a loop, the repeated
recycling becomes a sort of

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