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My Tender Touch
Animated clip about a character's
relationship with their mobile phone,
used in a music video. Commissioned
by the artist Evan Ifekoya.

thumbnail picture of painted colourful artfunshack logo
Title sequence in the style of
arts and craft tv show, "Art
Attack", containing familiar and
subversive elements, commissioned
by Evan Ifekoya for their
performance exploring cultural
identity, autobiography
gender, sexuality, social media,
creativity and more..

Low Tech Animated Music Video for Ivana Wong 
A story about two characters
obsessed with their mobile devices/
and technology, for Hong Kong
based artist Ivana Wong.

Christmas Hoedown - Anti-consumerist Seasonal song with Community Spirit
Anti-consumerist Christmas song
commissioned by the Santa Belles.

Taxman - 8-bit/rap Music Video
Animated clips inspired by
8-bit art for this "updated"
version of a song about tax,
commissioned by gwEm and
Counter Reset.

Moon Killer Music Video
Sweet/dark experimental
animated music video inspired
by the track.

Side Dish Music Video
Created for the Radar Music
Music Video competition, but
sadly didn't make it in time
due to a technical catastrophe
("The computer ate my work!")
It was screened at 10 film
festivals. The band Psapp
very kindly let me continue
showing it on youtube. :)

Recycle Abstract Clip
"RECYCLE" (flash so only
viewable on a computer!)
Very brief experimental
"scribble"-style animation
responding to a sound clip.

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