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Angelus Squid Marr is an independent,
experimental, multi-genre artist with
a love for surrealism, lo fi and
spontaneity. He is strongly drawn to
the exploring personal narratives
and discovering the tangents that make
(a) journey/s; hidden tales and
parallel realities. Style and mood
contrasts are often juxtaposed in ways
which may defy expectations, and
involve interruptions parentheses
and paradoxes.

Angelus composed as a child, but his
classical training led to a focus
on playing other people's music. It
was only near the start of 2012
that he began to realise that song-
writing and composition could
be as an effective means of
communicating as his visual art.
(see below for Visual Art)

MUSIC - - - - - - - -

In 2016, Angelus was commissioned by
Chinese Art Space (CAS)
to compose a
piano piece for "Missing Parts", a
15 min contemporary dance piece
choreographed by Lucia Tong,
commemorating WW1 Chinese Labour
Workers. Angelus performed it live
at The Southbank Centre and China
Exchange in London. The piece also
toured Liverpool, Folkestone and

His band Squid & The Krakens played
over 15 gigs over 3 years in London
and headlined at Transpride in Brighton,
in 2016, performing original tracks
from their 2nd EP, "The Flying Coffee
(released January 2016 on

Around the time of its release, Angelus
also released a lo-fi, self-recorded
collection of solo acoustic piano
ideas titled "Dream Improvisions"
on Soundcloud.

While Squid & The Kraken gigs were
characterised by the warm allure of
the nonsensical and audience
interaction, performing at a
"Transpose" event curated by artist
and activist CN Lester led to
participation in a "Classical edition"
Transpose at the Lumen URC where
Angelus provided piano accompaniment
for singers and performed a few piano

Angelus has piano teaching experience
spanning over two decades. He
helps students prepare for performance
and aims to encourage them to explore
their own creativity through
improvisation seeing these aspects as
important musicianship skills which
also contribute to exam preparation.

For over a decade, Angelus has been
a dedicated volunteer at the Stratford
& East London Music Festival,
UK's oldest competitive music festival).
He designed aspects of their visual
communication however recently, he has
focused on assisting in the

VISUAL ART - - - - - - -

From around 2007 - 2012, Angelus worked
for several years as a freelance
illustrator and animator. His
illustration clients include: Let Toys
Be Toys,
Steph Dogfoot, Chelmsford
Borough Council and Nokia. He has animated
music videos for artists: Evan Ifekoya,
Ivana Wong, Santa Belles, GwEm & Counter
Reset and worked on a few projects with
animation studio VoodooDog.

He started making zines in 2011 and
since this time, has made eight zines,
taking them to at least fifteen zine
events in London Interactive Monster Unit
with(artist friends International Nobody
and Dorothy Damage are the other members).
As well as sine selling (and swapping),
they hold drop-by "draw/make interactions"
for members of the public, inviting them
to draw stickers, monster cards, make
sock-puppets, and decorate masks.
Participants choose what to make and
how long to spend, e.g from a minute
to much longer! In 2016, Interactive
Monster Unit exhibited at DIY Cultures
at the Rich Mix in May, and The ICA
Artists Self Publishers in September.

His zine "Low-Key" and a tiny jar
containing his song "Tira Misu" are
displayed in "The Museum of
Transology" at The Fashion Space
from January to April 2017.

Angelus also has a photo project
running on Instagram called
"One Hundred Days of Light".

MA in Illustration & Animation (Distinction)
Kingston University

LTCL in Piano Performance (Distinction)
studying with Hilary Coates

BA Hons - English Literature (2:1)
York University

B-Tec Diploma in Foundation Art & Design (Distinction)
St. Martins (Now UAL)

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