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The Mollusc Dimension, AKA Angelus Squid Marr is an
experimental, interdisciplinary artist working in music,
image and sound, with a particular interest in themes of
identity, lo-fi/craft/recycled materials, audience interaction
and surrealism. Over the years, he has performed/shared
original material in community contexts and spaces, such as
DIY Space for London, as well as larger spaces such as
The Southbank Centre, The ICA (in the UK) and Hong Kong
International Airport.

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The name Squid (used from around 2007-) artfully conjures up
the image of a human with the soul of a sea creature, who uses
ink as a problem-solving method/answer to the mysterious
challenges of life. The Mollusc Dimension goes beyond the idea
of one entity, instead suggesting there is a whole world of tiny
blob-shaped creatures who live on the peripherals of mainstream
culture, and other rigid conventions.

Having undertaken commissions for private clients as well as
larger organisations, The Mollusc Dimension is now primarily
interested in developing at least a few hundred of the
thousands of little ideas for self-initiated projects erupting
from his cephalopod imagination over the past decade, seeks
collaborations with other artists and opportunities to exhibit/
share the work.

Angelus holds an MA in Illustration & Animation (Distinction)
from Kingston University, an LTCL in Piano Performance
(Distinction) and a BA (Hons) in English from York University.

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