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The Mollusc Dimension is Angelus Squid Marr, an independent,
experimental British-Chinese artist who works in diverse fields,
styles and genres: Animation, Song-writing, Lyrics-writing, Zines,
Live Performance, Music Recording, Teaching, Illustration & Poetry.

The Mollusc Dimension is a place where subculture gulps breakfast
tea out of a red camping mug with genuine alien-approved antiquated
folk-songs from the nth century (or earlier). Puns, word-play,
interruptions, non-sequiturs, local connections, personal relevance
and surreal humour are among the Mollusc Dimension's favourite
ingredients of a song/ story/ image. Topics of interest range from
love and other imaginary adventures, daily experiences to unexpected

The name Squid (used from around 2007-) artfully conjures up the
image of a character who uses ink as a problem-solving method/
answer to the challenges of life. The Mollusc Dimension goes beyond
the idea of one entity, instead suggesting there is a whole world of
tiny blob-shaped creatures who live on the peripherals of mainstream
culture and rigid conventions.

Having undertaken commissions for private clients as well as larger
organisations, The Mollusc Dimension is interested in developing a
few hundred of the thousands of little ideas for self-initiated
projects erupting from his cephalopod imagination over the past
decade and seeks collaborations with other artists. He holds an
MA in Illustration & Animation (Distinction) from Kingston University,
an LTCL in Piano Performance (Distinction) and a BA (Hons) in
English from York University.

"Imagine you're in a building. Access to art is like having a magic
window. Through this window, you can see different places, talk to
people, invite animals in, climb out if you need to get out in a
hurry, or climb in if you forgot your door key."

See The Mollusc Dimension's CV here.

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